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Hundreds of thousands of fans and subscribers will see YOUR OnlyFans profile every day

Who we are is the internet's largest search engine for mainstream and adult content creators and their fans. Fans and subscribers love our search engine and use it to discover more Creators like you, helping you build your fan base and income quickly and easily. CreatorTraffic is the biggest source for new fans and subscribers world-wide with a focus on the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. Fans use the CreatorTraffic search engine embedded on various websites.

Many high quality fans-centric websites have the CreatorTraffic search engine embedded, guaranteeing that your profile will be seen by hundreds of thousands of fans every day. We are constantly extending our network of sites and will expose your profile to even more fans. Make sure to get a better ranking!

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Like with Google, there are 2 ways for you to get more fans

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We offer various options to promote your OnlyFans account(s) for both, individual Creators and seasoned agencies.

We offer various options to promote your OnlyFans account(s) for both, individual Creators and seasoned agencies.

Individual Creators

With a VIP CreatorTraffic profile you are guaranteed to be displayed above all other search results getting the most attention possible to fans and subscribers. With CreatorTraffic, fans are only one click away from your OnlyFans account. Increasing traffic to your account means more money you start making from your new subscribers.

Individual ad packages start as low as 99EUR for top search result placement for 48 hours. Giving you maximum exposure and quick results to gain new fans and subscribers. (higher packages available).

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For Agencies we offer a comprehensive self-serve RTB (Real Time Bidding) system based on CPC. Our proprietary industry-leading RTB systems will fulfil all your needs as a professional media buyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CreatorTraffic send fans and subscribers for free to my OnlyFans Profile?

CreatorTraffic is a search engine for Creators which displays the specific search results a fan is looking for. When a potential fan finds your Creator Traffic profile they are only one click away from becoming your newest OnlyFans subscriber – with no costs for you!

Why should we as an agency buy traffic from CreatorTraffic?

As an agency owner you know that highly targeted traffic is key to your financial success as a company. You are looking for a reliable partner which not only has enough high-quality traffic volume to sell but also runs a strong, reliable, state-of-the-art technology.

CreatorTraffic is one of the most advanced ad-network, ad-tech and search companies.

Our technology runs on high performance servers which are located across Europe and the USA. We process 4+ billion impressions per month in 55+ countries. Our company group has been in the market for more than 20 years and offers one of the strongest and most secure infrastructures available.

Our fully featured, self-serve Real Time Bidding system let’s you set up your campaigns with all relevant/needed settings. You can customize your CPC bids based on. During 2023 we will roll out more and more of the following features. You will be able to customize your CPC bids based on:

  • Country
  • Language
  • Positive (including) Keywords (blonde, black, PPV, …)
  • Negative (excluding) Keywords
  • Niches (Straight, Gay, Trans, …)
  • Website Groups
  • Frequency Caps

Ad Formats

  • Native in-search placements (ads)
  • Display on Profile Sites
  • Display on Blog Sites
  • Display on Diary Sites
  • Placements in email newsletter

Creator Traffic has a proven successful method of driving traffic to content creators regardless of whether you manage 3, 15 or 500+ model accounts, our detailed reporting system and stats shows all relevant KPIs at a glance. We can also send post-back links to your system and handle OnlyFans Free-Trial and campaign links. CreatorTraffic has all you need for your ROI positive campaigns.

KEY FEATURE: CreatorTraffic ads can never be blocked by ad blockers as they are part of the search results. Your ads are guaranteed to be seen and better still, you pay only by clicks, not by view!

We can assist your Agency in the task of daily managing Creator profiles, taking the headache out of promoting and providing large numbers of traffic to your accounts.