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We have AWESOME news for you! If you want to get fans & subscribers for your OnlyFans accounts FOR FREE – we have the right offer for you! is the latest search- and discovery-engine for OnlyFans accounts. The concept is quite unique: You as an OnlyFans creator can enrich your ModelSearcher profile by posting pictures and videos. Both SFW and NSFW.

The more pictures and videos fans will see of you, the more they are likely to visit your OnlyFans account where they can subscribe to your account.And the more content you post on ModelSearcher, the HIGHER you profile will rank in organic search results – and the MORE fans will see your profile. Which will result in more clicks to your OnlyFans account.

Welcome Bonus - €140!

Welcome Bonus - €140! And as a Welcome bonus, ModelSearcher will even PAY YOU for your first posts on ModelSearcher. You can earn up to 140 EUR*. This promotion is limited until November 30th, 2023. Sign up with ModelSearcher now - and start posting and caching in the bonus today.

What to do to get the BONUS:

  1. Claim your profile and create a unique bio (different from your OnlyFans bio) with a minimum of 400 characters. Additionally, create 25 posts, each featuring at least one image or video. For this, you'll receive a €50 bonus.
  2. Create an additional 50 posts with at least one image or video in each post. Of these 50, ensure at least ten photos, ten videos, 10 SFW, and 10 NSFW posts. Completing this step will earn you an extra €30 bonus.
  3. Repeat the above step twice, creating 50 posts for each round, meeting the same criteria for images, videos, SFW, and NSFW content. For each of these, you will earn another €30 bonus, resulting in a total Welcome Bonus of €140.

Total of 140 EUR Bonus*
At least 50% of the pics and vids need to be SFW; Videos need to be at least 15 seconds long)

The bonus is just the icing on the cake – the value that you will get MORE organic clicksto your OnlyFans account is HUGE, as you get fans & subscribers for FREE!

By signing up with CreatorTraffic you can maintain your creator profile for and get fans and subscribers FOR FREE. ModelSearcher is a free-to-use “rich content” search engine and discovery site for OnlyFans

“Sign Up for free” Your benefits with CreatorTraffic and ModelSearcher:

  • Get more fans and subscribers for your OnlyFans accounts - FOR FREE
  • Maintain your creator profile to promote your profile and bio to new fans and subscribers
  • Share your daily life and content with new fans and subscribers to spark interest for your OnlyFans
  • Think of ModelSearcher as your daily diary that you share with potential new fans and subscribers
  • The more posts, pictures, and videos you upload, the HIGHER your profile will rank in organic search results – which results in MORE subscribers FOR FREE
  • ans and subscribers can not pay on ModelSearcher – we send them to your OnlyFans profile to do so!
  • Think of CreatorTraffic/ModelSearcher as a site where you can “tease” fans tosubscribe to your OnlyFans account and spend money on your OnlyFans
  • Promote your Free Trial Links to a huge audience

“Sign Up for free”* In order to receive the bonus you need to write an email to with the subject “Claiming ModelSearcher Bonus” and list the posts you claim the bonus for. The Bonus will be credited to your CreatorTraffic Ads-account and you can use the credits for buying paid ads on The bonus can not be paid out in cash. The maximum bonus you can reach with this promotion is 140 EUR. This promotion is limited for posts you created until December 31st, 2023.

What is better than earning a 140 EUR Bonus*?

Up to 3.000 EUR Referral Bonus*!

You can earn a 30 EUR Referral Bonus* for EACH Creator you successfully refer to us. If you send us one successful Creator, you earn 30 EUR*; if you send 2, you make a 60 EUR Referral Bonus*;

if you refer 10, you earn a 300 EUR Referral Bonus* … you get the concept.The maximum for the Referral Bonus is 3,000 EUR*, in case you refer to 100 successful creators!! Wow, that’s a lot of Bonus! Start calling all your creator friends now! So what are the rules? The referred Creator has to reach the 140 EUR Welcome Bonus*, and then you are eligible for your 30 EUR Referral Bonus.

But there is one more thing: YOU NEED to email us and inform us about the referral BEFORE the referred Creator starts posting on ModelSearcher.

Email with the subject: “I, YOURCreatorName, refer REFFEREDCreatorName for the 30 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus”. E.g., “I, Anastasia123, refer Beatrix456 for the 30 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus. Is it time now to talk to all your friends who are also Onlyfans creators and make them and you some money? We think so, too!

But hurry up; both bonus programs are only valid December 31st, 2023!

* All the rules for the Referral Bonus in a nutshell: To receive the Bonus, you need to

- Write an email to before the referred Creator starts posting, with the subject line “I, YOURCreatorName, refer REFFEREDCreatorName for the 30 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus”.

- The referred Creator has to fulfil all rules and reach all goals to earn their 140 EUR Modelsearcher Bonus.
see here

- Once the referred creators reach their 140 EUR Bonus, you need to write us an email to claim your Bonus with the subject line I, YOURCreatorName, CLAIM for the 30 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus for REFFEREDCreatorName.”

- You can claim the Bonus for a maximum of 100 referred creators with a maximum total Referral Bonus of 3,000 EUR

The Bonus will be credited to your CreatorTraffic Ads account, and you can use the credits to buy paid ads on The Bonus cannot be paid out in cash. This promotion is limited to referrals and posts created until December 31st, 2023.